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《TAIWAN ANNUAL—— 2017台灣當代一年展》,臺北圓山,花博爭艷館 | 2017



然而,當絕大部分的照像急於建構一個可以進入的世界, <飛龍遛狗> 卻低吟著不想進入;或,得小心踏入的觀看經驗——如果你能發現畫面中不期而遇的刺點,堆堆的狗屎!

The Dragon Walking His Dogs” / Ben Yu / 2016

Photography, who is not anxious to construct a world that allows spectators to wonder or document fond memories?

Looking at this small community’s outdoor stage, one can see several identifiable elements such as: an aged wall, an open and closed door, and a picture of a dragon within a blue, white and red frame. Most photographers’ will instinctively notice the lighting, space, the obvious green shape, and fashion a dialogue or a story to attract the viewer to engage with the image.

However, as the vast majority of photographers are anxious to build a world for viewers to enter, “The Dragon Walking His Dogs” subtly produces an experience which one does not want to enter, or at the very least, with caution; that is, if one can see “the visual thorns” or piles of dog feces hidden within the picture.




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